Sally Mann again

What I like:
These photos are controversial and I absolutely understand why, but at the same time I support the photographer who to me just seems to take pictures from the love of her kids and not to exploit them at all. Remember this is her artwork and ofcourse also her own way to keep her family memories alive. Isn't it allowed for people to take beautiful photos of their loved ones just because others can look at them in a bad way? In that case there are not many photos left that can be shown, for example on my own photo blog. Adults are not always aware of what they're saying yes to either. Yes these photos are actually sensual, and why can't they be? Is it forbidden to see the sensual beauty that exists in all humans, including kids? Is it even possible not to? Should we deny that children are beautiful in their innocenct wisdom just because there are people in this world who have sick minds and don't think twice about taking advantage of that same innocence? Children are always natural, they don't yet know how to put on an act. And the naked body, you hardly get anything more natural than that. If the beholder thinks there's something dirty in a picture of something as natural as a naked child, perhaps that says more about that person than about the photographer. If those kids have been treated badly it's more likely because of the harsh critisizms against their mother. If nothing else this is an interesting discussion, and don't get me wrong - I think it's extremely important to talk about what's ok and what's not when it comes to art - especially when children are involved. And ofcourse that's not always obvious, but more important than to critisize creative ways, there are lots of other ways children in this world are being used as means for grown up people to earn money or fame for themselves, and those events are not even questioned, they're just seen as normal...

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