Cole Rise.

What I like:
How unreal it looks, though it is in fact very real.
Lovely idea! (Click the link)


Kehinde Wiley.

What I like:
The contrasts. As always I love contrasts. The tough guys against the floral backgrounds. Printed t-shirts against .. something totally different.. The way that they're posing. And the fact that the patterns and colours are gorgeous.


Frédérique Morrel

What I like:
They're so ugly, and so beautiful! And who even comes up with an idea like this?? The crosstitch embroderies themselves are not an unconventional material, but the way they're used...


Let it be

Have a look at THIS!

(It's worth watching...)

What I like:
The team work first of all, and the way the painting kind of paints itself... And becomes absolutely stunning!


Laurel Roth

What I like:
Who would think that you could make something as beautiful as this out of such things like hair clips and fake nails?.. And yeah, I love peacocks too, breathtaking animals..