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Elspeth Diedrix

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Rebecka Gudleifsdottir

Elspeth Diedrix

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Rebecka Gudleifsdottir

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What I like:
When I paint I seldom paint a face. I don't know if it's as simple as me not being good at painting faces, or if it's because of something else.. That it doesen't matter who's in the picture, because the person just illustrates something else anyway? They say you always paint yourself in the end, no matter who you paint. It's like dreaming, no matter who embodies your feelings it's always you your dreams are about, and no one else...


Anonymous said...

tjejen i höt och gubben som dricker ar helt underbara. jag gillar den här bloggen o kikar lite fast än jag inte komenterar så mycke. kul att ha nån med bra smak som samlar ihop massa konst :)

Annasofia said...

jag är nyfiken på vem som skrev kommentaren??