Julian Wolkenstein

I can't copy any photos from his website but please visit it here:


What I like:
The ones with people in cages and fish bowls, because they're a straight forward way to protest against keeping pets like that. Many animals wouldn't even survive without humans, but isn't there something wrong when it's gone that far? When the weekest survived against all odds, just because they were the ones we thought were the most beautiful ones. And then they get sick all the time, and that's not a good life. We manipulate nature because we can, because we think we are the rulers of the world. I'm not talking about cats who live in the countryside and stay outside hunting all night, who just goes inside for some petting, a nap in front of the fire place and a meal when they feel like it. I'm talking about those with leaches on, or the ones who are kept in small appartements their whole lifes. Or birds in cages. Birds have wings, birds can fly. They're meant to fly, they want to fly!

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